Temp Number FAQ

Q: How is this service free of charge?

A: We provide our temporary phone number service at no cost to our users. Our revenue comes from advertising, so if you do not see any ads, please consider disabling your ad-blocker to support our service.

Q: Can anyone access the contents of my messages?

A: Yes, the incoming messages to our temporary phone numbers are visible to anyone. However, we block out part of the sender's information to enhance privacy.

Q: Can I send messages through your service?

A: No, we only provide in-bound services for all of our temporary phone numbers. We do not send any messages or make calls. It's also important to note that our numbers are temporary, which means that another person may have ownership of the same number at a different time.

Q: How long are messages kept?

A: Messages are kept for around 7 days after they are first received.

Q: How often are phone numbers rotated?

A: We acquire new numbers on a daily basis and rotate out old numbers after a certain period of time. We also offer premium permanent numbers that are kept for a longer duration.

Q: Do you have an API or allow scraping of the site?

A: Our service is intended for end-users, and scraping of our website is prohibited.

Q: Are all of the numbers displayed active and working?

A: Yes, if a number is visible on our service, it is currently active and available for use. We use monitoring systems to ensure that only functioning numbers are displayed.

Q: Is there a limit on the number of messages I can send to a number?

A: While there is no set limit on how often you may use our service, we kindly request that users refrain from automated spamming of our numbers.

Q: Can I request a number from a previous month?

A: Most of our numbers are temporary and will be replaced regularly, so we cannot guarantee access to a previously used disposable number. Please see our permanent numbers section if you require access to a number on an ongoing basis.

Q: What does the number in parentheses beside the phone number represent?

A: The number in parentheses represents the total count of messages processed by that number so far. Please note that not all of these messages are displayed, as some may be too old and have been automatically removed.

Q: Can I share this website with others?

A: Thank you! We would appreciate it if you share our service with others.

I saw the same phone number on another website, what does this mean?

A: We are a Tier-1 provider and directly own the phone numbers displayed on our website. Any other websites displaying the same phone numbers are attempting to clone our service. We recommend using our website directly and reporting any clones to us via email for the best safety and experience.

Q: How can I contact you?

A: We would love to hear from you! For inquiries, please reach out to us via email : [email protected].